Galerie-Intervention Episode VI: The Temple of Sound

Sechste Gruppenausstellung mit HBK-Studierenden in der Reihe »Interventionen«.



Ort der Veranstaltung


The Temple Of Sound

The experimental impro-psychedelic Band Whiskey Mystique Human is working with diverse soundmaterial. Manyfold instrumental expressions, unplugged and plugged, such as synthetical background layers. Rooted in our multicultural identities and music socialisation, we try to bring it together to a multiphonic conversation when we play sitting in a circle. The sound we create in the middle is our playground, a fusion of the different music biografies of the band members; an acoustic journey through space and sound.
Either live, live on tape, live on stream. Unmastered, raw sound material, live jams.

Dates / Jam-Sessions:
Opening Jam: Tuesday, 5th December, 6-10 pm.
Second Jam: Thursday, 7th December, 6-10 pm.
Final Jam: Tuesday, 12th December, 6-10 pm.

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